Course page for: Digital Multimedia




In order to complete the mandatory assignments during the course you will need to bring your own computer. You will also have to install all the software listed below in the software section. I expect you all to have downloaded and installed this prior to the first class on monday.

You will also need devices for capturing images and film, a phone will do, but of course a good camera would be more fun. You will need a tripod (or other device to hold your camera in position) for making stop motion, but only one pr group is necessary, so if you have it bring it, and I will try to make sure there is one in every group.

About the course

The main purpose of the course is to introduce students to basic principles of each media type - text, graphics, audio, animation and video - describing their digitization and progressing into issues that arises when media are combined; interaction provided by scripting and multimedia distributed over networks.

This is conveyed through a number of lectures on the theoretical aspects of the course, each followed by group work on exercises related to the topic of the lecture. There will be a series of small mandatory individual assignments during the course, as well as a larger group project.

About the lecturer

My name is Alexandra, I'm 25 years old, and I'm currently studying computer science at Aarhus University. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Literature and Software

The book used for this course: digital multimedia by Nigel Chapman and Jenny Chapman (DM)

The software used during this course:

The name of the software should be a link to a download page for that particular software. The list should also be complete now.

Course plan

The general idea of the day schedule. (tuesday-friday week 1 and monday-thursday week 2)

11:30-12:00Work on group project
12:00-13:00Lunch breaks
13:00-14:00Work on individual assignments

The course plan is updated regularly with more information, so remember to check back.

Week 1

MondayIntroduction to the course, colours slidesDM chapter 1, 2 and 5 (Colour and Science through Other Colour Models)day 1
TuesdayVector graphics, SVG slidesDM chapter 3day 2assignment 1
WednesdayBitmapped images slidesDM chapter 4day 3assignment 2
ThursdayAnimation, stop motion part 1 slidesDM chapter 7 (not including the parts about flash)day 4assignment 3
FridayVideo, stop motion part 2DM chapter 6day 5

Week 2

MondaySound slidesDM chapter 8day 6assignment 4
TuesdayHypermedia slidesLoosely based on DM chapter 10day 7
WednesdayText and typography slidesDM chapter 9day 8
ThursdayDesign principles slidesDM chapter 11assignment 5
Fridayno class today, time to work on assignment 5/group project

Week 3

MondayGroup project
TuesdayGroup project
WednesdayGroup project
ThursdayPresentations of projects

Individual assignments

During the course there will be 5 individual assignments that you will be required to hand in. To hand in an assignment you simply send all the required files (will be outlined in the description of the assignment) to me at Remember to put your full name in the mail, since these assignments will be a part of your final grade.

The last hour of each day will focus on these assignments and give you time in class to work, remember this is also an opportunity to ask questions while working on the assignment.

The overall goal of the individual assignments is to create a business card ready to launch as a website. It is therefore a good idea to bear in mind that the 4 first assignments should coexist in the final product.

Group project

You must form groups of 3-4 people (there will be time for this on the first day). The project is very open, the only requirement is that you combine more than one media into a multimedia project.

You will have to make a written description of your project and send to me no later than 10/8-16 12.00 (noon) You will also have to present your project to the rest of the class on the 11/8-16.

Monday through wednesday of the last week is devoted to making this project. During those days you will work full time on your project, my main function will be to answer any question that arises in the process. Since 3 days is not a lot of time, I suggest that you during the course discuss ideas in your group, so that when you start working on your project, you already have a vision of the project.

Course Evaluation

All students will be graded according to the Danish grading scale. The grade will be based on your individual assignments (50%) and on your group project including the written description (50%). Attendance during the course is mandatory.

Danish markExplanation of the markEquivalent ECTS mark
12For an excellent performanceA
10For a very good performanceB
7For a good performanceC
4For a fair performanceD
02For an adequate performanceE
00For an inadequate performanceFx
-3For an unacceptable performanceF